About Us
Aesir Construction is a relatively new company which combines the skills of a number of highly-experienced tradesmen. The desire to combine comprehensive design and deliver exceptional craftsmanship is at the heart of Aesir Construction. We, as individuals have a diverse wealth of experience; from work on ancient monuments and English Heritage assets to re-designing new builds and implementing cutting-edge design ideas in contemporary homes. Our company vision is to establish a high reputation for quality, trusted, professional work, whilst remaining competitive; whatever our client’s budget.

The individual tradesmen that make up the core of Aesir Construction have joined forces with the vision to create a service for clients that is rarely found elsewhere. Our extensive, collective experience from working on the tools, through to construction management means that we have the insight into the whole project, from design right through to completion; meaning that we can achieve a higher standard of work from our carefully selected and trusted team of individuals.